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November 12, 2018

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  • Beto 2020? November 12, 2018
    After Rep. Beto O'Rourke's closer-than-expected loss to Sen. Ted Cruz, Cruz's chief strategist said the Texas congressman has real 2020 potential. "He used a fog machine at his concession speech," Roe said. "He ain't done."
  • Images show N. Korea improving missile bases November 12, 2018
    North Korea may be making improvements at more than a dozen hidden missile bases, contradicting claims from President Trump that his negotiations with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un are working. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.
  • Australia strawberry needle scare November 12, 2018
    A 50-year-old woman sabotaged Australian supermarket strawberries with sewing needles, in an alleged act of workplace revenge according to prosecutors.

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  • CNN10 - 11/12/18 November 11, 2018
    Today, we're going to wildfire-stricken California; we're traveling to an Armistice Day ceremony in France; and we're visiting the world's "bandwidth capital."
  • CNN10 - 11/09/18 November 8, 2018
    A shooting claims lives in California, a myriad of lights sets Diwali aglow, and newly tinted footage gives a unique and moving perspective to World War I.
  • CNN10 - 11/08/18 November 7, 2018
    Today's show covers the makeup of the next U.S. Congress, the resignation of a U.S. attorney general, a polio-like illness, and drone technology in the U.A.E.

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El Crecimiento de Grande

Varones y Varonas de la Maravillosa Obra de Dios. Cada día son más y más las personas que nuestro Padre Jehová esta trayendo a nuestra Iglesia Casa de Dios Nashville TN. Dios esta haciendo cumplír Hechos 2:47. Amén. ¡El crecimiento es grande! Les pido, les ruego que sea... Read more

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