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August 18, 2018

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  • Daughter called her dad 'hero' before her death August 18, 2018
    Chris and Shanann Watts detailed their life on social media. New video shows one of their daughters calling her dad her "hero" days before she, her mother and sister vanished from their suburban Denver home.
  • On GPS: Will tariffs bring China to the table? August 18, 2018
    Former Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore tells Fareed that a trade war could force China to shape up its trade policy.
  • Trump blasts Brennan as 'partisan hack' August 18, 2018
    President Donald Trump lashed out at former CIA director John Brennan on Twitter, claiming he made mistakes during his time at the CIA and calling him a "loudmouth, partisan, political hack."

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  • CNN10 - 08/17/18 August 16, 2018
    China sets its sights on the far side of the moon, hearings are planned for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, and we remember a highly influential American musician.
  • CNN10 - 08/16/18 August 15, 2018
    Another Ebola outbreak is announced in central Africa, Turkey's economy struggles amid a spat with the U.S., and we test-pilot a new type of flying car
  • CNN10 - 08/15/18 August 14, 2018
    A highway bridge collapses in Italy, a red tide triggers a state of emergency in Florida, and the U.N. classifies gaming disorder as a mental health condition.

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  • Untitled
    As competition for the world's first operational hyperloop heats up, CNN asks how the super-fast transport system could change lives and business in the UAE.
  • Untitled
    The next episode of "Declassified" explores the CIA's HEXAGON satellite, used to spy on the Soviet Union.
  • Untitled
    "Declassified" explains how the HEXAGON satellite program gave the U.S. an advantage over the Soviet Union.


La Santa Cena para el Año Escolar 2018-2019

Este domingo, mañana vamos a Consagrar nuestros hijos a Dios. Ellos tomarán la Santa Cena, serán llenos de Fe, Serán fortlalecidos, recibirán el Manto Apóstolico del Salmo 91 y tendrán un año Escolar 2018-2019 Glorioso. Padre querido, Abuelito, Tio, por favor no le quit... Read more

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