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November 18, 2017

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  • Protester wins Charlotte City Council seat November 18, 2017
    Braxton Winston, who was the center of a dramatic photo from Charlotte, North Carolina, has gone from a prominent protester to a popular politician.
  • Anthony Bourdain travels to Seattle November 18, 2017
    Anderson Cooper and Anthony Bourdain sat down at Chomp Chomp in New York City to talk about the next "Parts Unknown" episode in Seattle.
  • Trump puts big-game trophy decision on hold November 18, 2017
    President Donald Trump has put a decision about big-game trophies on hold and said on Twitter, "until such time as I review all conservation facts."

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  • CNN10 - 11/17/17 November 16, 2017
    U.S. House Republicans pass a tax reform plan, new technology may help doctors identify CTE sooner, and a painting sets a record despite authenticity concerns.
  • CNN10 - 11/16/17 November 15, 2017
    Political instability in Zimbabwe, potential uses for an exceptionally dark substance, and characteristics of a master mochi maker are all featured today.
  • CNN10 - 11/15/17 November 14, 2017
    An eye-opening report on modern-day slavery is our focus today. We're detailing new estimates about slavery and witnessing an auction of human lives in Libya.

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La Piedra en la boca

LA PIEDRA EN LA BOCA Dr. Vilma Rodríguez.- Todos nos encogeríamos tan solo de pensar en tener la boca llena de gravilla. Pero una piedra en la boca en realidad puede ser deseable, al menos ese parece ser el caso de las grullas que habitan las montañas Taurus del sur de... Read more

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