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June 28, 2017

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  • Watch smartphones dropped and bent for testing June 28, 2017
    Micromax is one of India's largest mobile phone makers, CNNMoney takes you to the company's production floor to show you how the smartphones are made piece by piece and tested for quality control.
  • Who is Rupert Murdoch? June 28, 2017
    Worth more than $12 billion, Rupert Murdoch built a global media empire spanning film, television, internet services, and an array of other businesses.
  • Ransomware attack hits businesses around the world June 28, 2017
    A Ukrainian company sent out a compromised update to its tax software that contained malware according to Cisco Talos. After that, major companies around the world had to shut down their computer systems.

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  • CNN10 - 06/02/17 June 1, 2017
    On our last show of the season, we're explaining the Paris accord, we're looking at an effort to protect farm workers, and we're taking a trip to the beach.
  • CNN10 - 06/01/17 May 31, 2017
    Terrorists target the capital of Afghanistan, the U.S. tests out a missile defense system and sends a message, and NASA plans a mission to the nearest star.
  • CNN10 - 05/31/17 May 30, 2017
    Britain's upcoming vote, the young victims of a U.S. epidemic, and the reasons why China is building an underwater observation system are explained today.

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La Piedra en la boca

LA PIEDRA EN LA BOCA Dr. Vilma Rodríguez.- Todos nos encogeríamos tan solo de pensar en tener la boca llena de gravilla. Pero una piedra en la boca en realidad puede ser deseable, al menos ese parece ser el caso de las grullas que habitan las montañas Taurus del sur de... Read more

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