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January 23, 2018


RSS Technology

  • New lifesaving drone rescues swimmers
    A new lifesaving drone has been used to rescue two teenagers from the rough seas off the coast of Australia's Lennox Head, New South Wales.
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    Two swimmers were in serious trouble off the coast of Australia, until a drone came to their rescue.
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    All stories start somewhere, and the story of the driverless car begins in a research lab in Pittsburgh, where Carnegie Mellon University Professor Red Whittaker was one of the first to develop a fully autonomous driving machine.
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    The programs controlling driverless cars are computers, after all, and all computers are hackable.
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    More than 1.25 million people die every year in auto accidents. Driverless cars could change that.

RSS Health

  • Opioid commission member: Our work is a 'sham'
    The Republican-led Congress has turned the work of the president's opioid commission into a "charade" and a "sham," a member of the panel tells CNN.
  • Essure or surgery? New study compares risks
    A new study finds the controversial hysteroscopic sterilization method associated with a lower immediate risk of procedural complications, a higher risk of gynecological complications, and no increased medical risks, when compared with a more invasive option.
  • After shark attack, mom regains control with a bionic arm
    Tiffany Johnson and her husband, JJ, are avid cruisers -- self-described "vacation junkies." In June 2017, the two left their home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and embarked on a relaxing cruise in the Caribbean.
  • How music therapy helped a woman heal
    Some say music has the power to heal. That's the idea behind "music therapy". See how it helped a teen deal with the death of her father seven years ago.
  • For hospital patients, beware the "weekend effect"
    Doctors call it the "weekend effect." Patients in the hospital are more likely to die off-hours -- whether it's for a brain bleed, a heart attack or a clot in the lungs.

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